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Welding Machines

Modi Engineering Corporation is a proud associate of KORE group of Companies, a leading distributor of welding electrodes, welding inverters of ARC, TIG, MIG, SAW and PLASMA Cutting, CNC Cutting Machines, welding and cutting hose, tungsten rods, abrasives both grinding and cut-off wheels and welding cables.



     Drill through any metal with a CUB Broachcutter: Broach cutter is a replacement for slower, less productive twist drills and Drill bits. If you want a faster, easier and more accurate metal drilling machine, continue reading this post. CUB Broach cutter is a magnetic drilling machine with a single[…]


Air Compressors & Machinery

This is a tip from Modi Engineering Corporation. Even though we know that in any welding shop, compressors may sit idle most of the time, you need to have one because when it is needed, you cannot run out and rent or get one immediately. Come to our spacious shop[…]


Pug Cutting, Regulator & Torch

Modi Engineering Corporation’s best selling Pug Gas Cutting Machine helps a fabricator in cutting production costs and increases efficiency. It is designed for heavy duty jobs and also for precision jobs. It works on single phase supply and is operated by 1/12 H.P. single phase motor. Machine is designed to[…]


Brazing & Welding Rods

The experts at Modi Engineering Corporation know that with proper joint design and selection of brazing materials, brazed joints can be stronger than the base materials being joined.The perfect capillarity of brazing returns practically invisible joints and brazed connections. This is why brazing is used where the appearance of the[…]


MIG/TIG/Plasma Accessories

The major difference between MIG and TIG welding is that one process uses a continuously feeding wire (MIG) and the other you use long welding rods and slowly feed them into the weld puddle (TIG). MIG and TIG welding both use an electric arc to make the weld.MIG welding is[…]


Safety Products

Modi Engineering Corporation carries the entire range of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) including gloves, safety goggles and shoes, earplugs, hard hats, respirators, or coveralls, vests and full body suits. Personal protective equipment is equipment worn to minimize exposure to hazards that cause serious workplace injuries and illnesses. Gumboots Nose Mask[…]


Height Access by MLift

Mtandt rents Self Propelled Diesel and Electric Boom lifts, Scissor Lifts, Spider lifts, Mast Lifts, Truck mounted Lifts, passenger hoist, suspended rope platforms, Mobile Aluminium Scaffolding, Steel Scaffolding, Heavy Telescopic Cranes, Lorry Loader Cranes, Telehandler, Vacuum Cleaners and Sweepers, Skid Steer Loader and Special Purpose Machines.

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