fatherModi Engineering Corporation (MECO) is an industrial-goods supplier and distributor. MECO provides all types of welding equipment,  arc inverter and welding machines, air compressors, spray guns, test pump silver brazing rods, welding equipment, abrasives, power tools, safety equipment, hand tools, industrial machinery as well as general hardware.

Modi Engineering Corporation (MECO) was established in 1980 by Sri Kishanlal Modi, an enterprising entrepreneur who moved to Chennai from Rajasthan. He decided to set shop in Broadway, which was the nerve center for purchase of industrial equipment and supplies. Broadway has a long history attached to it dating back to pre-independence days. Sri Kishanlal Modi is still actively involved in the company often serving customers in his inimitable style ably supported by his three sons including Mr. Tarun Modi. Today, the Modi Engineering brand is well known in Chennai and even with the advent of technology, people still flock to their landmark shop at 150, Broadway to buy industrial supplies for commercial, residential or hobby needs.

MECO wishes to expand its business and achieve new things in the industry. MECO always delivers high-quality service to customers by offering the best equipment, tools, and instruments to get the job done.

According to Mr. Tarun Modi – “MECO always strives to improve its services through innovative ways of doing business. When you are buying from us, you are buying more than a product, you are buying quality since 1980.”

Mr. Kishanlal Modi has not forgotten his roots and has an active role in the following organizations:

  • Broadway Business Association – Vice President
  • Tamil Nadu Pravasi Ekta Sangh (Regd.) – Vice President
  • Sri Rajasthan Kala Kendra – Vice President
  • South India Dealer Association – Committee Member
  • Indian Welding Dealer Association – Committee Member
  • Tamil Nadu Rajasthan Association – Committee Member
  • Shree Agarwal Sabha – Ex-Vice President
  • Shree Agarwal Samaj – Life Member
  • Sri Shyam Sat Sangh Samiti – Life Member
  • Tamil Nadu Consumer Protection Organization – Syndicate Member

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