Modi Engineering’s Guide to Selecting The Right Welding Equipment

Modi Engineering’s Guide to Selecting The Right Welding Equipment

Modi Engineering’s Guide to Selecting The Right Welding Equipment

Welding is in demand both as an ordinary hobby to the complicated requirements of residential, industrial and the military. Skilled welders are in great demand and can earn as much as a doctor or a lawyer. Though in demand, this is one of the most dangerous job if you lack safety and maintenance, as you will play with fire!

There are different types of welding and equipment used which varies from the metals, condition and purpose. The welding enthusiast or novice loves to expand his knowledge and learn new things daily. At Modi Engineering Corporation (Meco Chennai), we strive to understand the latest happenings in the welding world and share the same with you. Today we will talk about the criteria for selecting the right welding equipment:

Type of Welding: There are four main types of weld: MIG (Metal Inert Gas), Flux Cored Arc Welding, Stick (Shielded Metal Arc Welding), TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas). Each of them have their own speciality and limitations. MIG is easy to use, produces clean weld and suits thinner metals well whereas Stick is used in thicker metals and outdoor/windy location. If Flux Cored Welding is used for out-of-position welding, TIG welder has adjustable heat setup that provides highest quality welds.

Application: Application is another important criteria in selecting your welding equipment. MIG Or Flux Cored Welders are used for repair, farm application and autobody while Stick Welders are used in general construction, maintenance/repair, home repair, plant fabrications/repair; TIG Welders are used for home repair, garage/shop, auto body, frame fabrication, aluminium oil pans, metal art and sheet metal application.

Metals Used: Metals and their average thickness also affects the choice of welders. MIG, Stick and TIG welders can be used for welding steel or stainless steel, but only TIG Welders are applicable for metals like chromoly, copper and exotic metals like magnesium or titanium. Stick can be used for CI and MIG or TIG can be used for aluminium alloy.

Safety: Most important point to always keep a check is the safety. Go through the specs and make note of the duty cycle, open circuit voltage and thermal overload protection, portability, etc. The reason behind major accidents are cracked gas hoses, missing/makeshift hose clips,etc. So, select the right and reliable safety equipment. Train your workmen with the right safety procedures and policies.

Budget: If you have already estimated a budget for the new equipment, then include welding accessories like plus hoses, regulators, inert gas cylinders, non consumable tungsten electrodes and PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) viz. gloves, safety goggles, shoes, hard hats, vests, coverall and full bodysuits.

Your welder will have a great affect on your work, so choose appropriate welding equipment from a reliable dealer like Modi Engineering Corporation which has been in business since 1980!

Get everything from Gas welding equipment, air compressors, welding accessories, gas regulators & torches, safety supplies and power/tools & grinding abrasives at one central destination in Broadway, Chennai. Contact us for any queries about the product selection, maintenance etc.

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